Institutional frameworks in the administration of coastal and marine space in Africa

Isaac Boateng

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This paper reviews institutional frameworks in the administration of coastal and marine space in Africa. A basic law of human nature is that Man’s needs and wants are unlimited; however, the natural resources of the earth are limited. This makes it obvious that resources need to be managed so as to ensure their sustainability. Coastal and marine spaces have a multiplicity of use, which leads to conflict among users; to avoid conflict there must be rules. Institutions have evolved throughout history, not only to control man but also the way he uses natural resources including coastal and marine space. Therefore, effective administration of any kind of natural resource requires clear understanding of available institutional frameworks and their consequent impact on the management of that resource. Different institutional approaches are needed in different contexts due to variations in cultures, values and societal norms. This paper also considers the nature of resources in coastal and marine spaces and the need for surveyors and other stakeholders to be aware of the importance of institutional frameworks in managing these resources. The paper concludes that in order to meet global challenges, institutional frameworks in Africa have changed from an informal regime to a more formal (constitutional) regime
without progressive transition in many cases. This has often led to poor administration of coastal and marine space, lost of right and livelihood of many indigenous peoples who subsist on coastal and marine resources. It therefore, recommends the involvement of all stakeholders’ especially local resource users at all levels of institutional change.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAdministering marine spaces
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Place of PublicationCopenhagen
PublisherInternational Federation of Surveyors (FIG)
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ISBN (Print)87-90907-55-8
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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PublisherInternational Federation of Surveyors


  • institutional Framework, Management of coastal resources, Participatory managemnent and collaboration management
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