iWindCr solution for corrosion detection and monitoring of offshore wind turbine structures

Juan Ignacio Ahuir-Torres, Jacob Tussler, Juvane Currie, David P. Dawkins, Joe Jefferies, Nils Bausch, Sarinova Simandjuntak, Adrian Nash, Bob Thomas, Joseph Muna, Carl Jonsson, Diana Mathew

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Access limitation for the inspection, and maintenance and to a power source due to the remote location and the position of some of offshore wind turbine structures, for example, nacelle and blades severely limits the application of in-situ corrosion detection methods such as the ultrasonic, acoustic emission and X-Ray. Hence, the need for A Real Time Remote Sensing (RTRS) technology, that can be implemented to provide an autonomous detection and monitoring, providing exhaustive and detailed information on the corrosion process.

iWindCr is a technology development project funded by the Innovate UK which aims to develop a cost-effective end-to-end Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) corrosion detection and monitoring solution for wind turbines based on measurement of the changes in the electrochemical states such as potential, current or resistivity of turbine parts’ materials. The iWindCr’s proof of concept system comprises Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) of smart miniaturised sensors suitable for being affixed to internal and/or external turbine structures. iWindCr utilises the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) to integrate the WSN with satellite and terrestrial communication networks, providing a guaranteed IP for data backhaul from the remote wind-farm sites to the control room.

iWindCr has included in its programme: WSN of electrochemical sensor system design (UoP and Avonwood), extensive and comprehensive electrochemical testing and validation for benchmarking (one visit database) of corrosion threshold data (UoP), data analytics software user interface, telecommunication service using solar power VSAT satellite implementation (Avanti), Market analysis (Avanti).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 25 Sept 2018
EventGlobal Wind Summit 2018: WindEnergy Hamburg, Wind Europe - Hamburg Fair, Hamburg, Germany
Duration: 25 Sept 201828 Sept 2018


ConferenceGlobal Wind Summit 2018
Abbreviated titleGlobalWind2018
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