Managing legal risks in China

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In today’s globalised business environment, companies face a complex assortment of new and often contradictory laws and regulations. High-profile corporate scandals involving compliance failures teach us that loss of reputation can have a significant, if not fatal, effect on a company. International companies recognise this and invest heavily in systems designed to detect and prevent compliance breaches. However, such systems and controls cannot succeed without the development of a strong compliance culture that secures buy-in from executives, managers, employees, contractors and business partners all at levels.

This title offers cutting edge know-how and guidance for the development and management of a sophisticated legal risk management and compliance operation. While identifying risks and regulatory challenges, chapters also explore how professionals can manage processes; implement change; track issues and loss events; screen potential clients, partners, employees and contractors; and implement appropriate remediation. The book features chapters on board structures, corporate governance, fraud and bribery, Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, European capital markets regulation, arbitration and mediation, data protection, offshoring and the cloud, human resources issues for managers, and managing legal risk in China.

Legal Risk Management, Governance and Compliance is a must-have desk reference for in-house corporate counsel and compliance officers, individuals involved in the compliance, audit, legal and risk functions within companies and non-profit organisations, as well as the law firms that service these organisations’ needs.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLegal risk management, governance and compliance
Subtitle of host publicationa guide to best practice from leadeing experts
EditorsStuart Weinstein, Charles Wild
PublisherGlobe Law and Business
ISBN (Print)978-1905783946
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2013


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