Media transfer services integration using the Planets Interoperability Framework (OPF)

David Anderson, Janet Delve, L. Konstantelos, A. Ciuffreda, Clive Billenness, A. Jackson, C. Wilson, M. Dindorf, V. Joguin

Research output: Working paper


This document reports on the current state-of-the-art of integrating the KEEP Transfer Tool Framework as a use case for the Planets Interoperability Framework. The remit of this work is to implement the already developed experimentation platform of the IF with the transfer workflows required by the TTF. In order to gauge the applicability of the integration, UPHEC produced a feasibility study which was largely based on a focus group consultation with the lead developers of the Planets IF at the British Library. The results of the focus group and feasibility study, which are summarised in this document, showed that integration is possible provided that certain preconditions are met. The focus group also generated a product-based plan for the integration of Media Transfer tools within Planets IF, which serves as a roadmap for completing the individual requirements that constitute the TTF. The remainder of this report comprises four sections: Section 2 provides an overview of the Planets IF and the KEEP TTF. In doing so, the level of convergence between the capabilities of the IF and the requirements of the TTF are highlighted through a crosstabulation matrix. Section 3 includes a summary of the feasibility study findings and introduces the constraints posed to the TTF by technical and legal implications. Section 4 reports on current progress based on the abovementioned product-based plan. This work brings together not only components developed in Planets, but also products of the KEEP project itself. For ease of reference, we have mapped these elements on the product-based plan. Section 5 concludes this report by outlining the future actions necessary to complete the prototypes of the Transfer Tool Framework.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherEuropean Commission
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 11 Nov 2011


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