Modular construction of industrial buildings and lean thinking—Identifying the role of daylight through a case study

Theodora Mavridou, Nikos Nanos, Lambros T. Doulos

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This research looks at the optimisation of industrial buildings through the application of the principles of lean thinking and philosophy, with an emphasis on daylighting in the design of industrial buildings. With the use of multiparametric analysis tools, we provide a solution for the optimized design of a roof system for the provision of daylight, whilst maximising the benefits and minimising the cost during its lifetime, in different geographic and climatic regions in Greece. An optimisation algorithm has been proposed that improves the selection of the optimal roof opening type and geometry for industrial buildings in different geographical locations. The investigation of a roof system model was based on the maximum performance of daylighting, while reducing unnecessary energy use and cost. To reach our solution, we investigated the sawtooth roofing system in terms of energy cost (cooling, heating, and lighting), geography (orientation, location), and building variables (the opening dimensions and number). This has been achieved through the use of multi-parametric design, computational simulations, genetic algorithms, and the post-processing of results through statistical analysis. The use of natural lighting proved to be an effective sustainability strategy, providing energy savings of up to 20–30%, and offering economic advantages, hence presenting a comprehensive approach that benefits stakeholders and end-users by reducing the thermal loads, cooling requirements, initial HVAC costs, and overall waste. The developed algorithm has identified the optimal opening size and distance as ranging between 10 and 11 m for the conditions examined.
Original languageEnglish
Article number13354
Number of pages15
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - 6 Sept 2023


  • artificial lighting
  • daylight
  • energy conservation
  • illuminance
  • industrial building
  • lean thinking

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