Multiverse, feminist materialist relational time and multiple future(s): (re)configuring possibilities for qualitative inquiry

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    Critical feminist materialist theorising opens up possibilities for enacting different ways of knowledge making. In this article I connect feminist materialist inquiry with time and temporality to develop a line of inquiry to reimagine the nature of multiple future(s). Employing theorising developed by Francesca Ferrando, Karen Barad and Donna Haraway and thinking with the concepts of Multiverse, spacetimemattering, and agential cuts I develop the concept of feminist materialist relational time as a methodological possibility for inquiry. Using examples from my own and others’ scholarship, I propose that feminist materialist relational time articulates ways in which affirmative and transversal ethico-onto-epistemologies can reconsider power, mattering, enactment and exclusions creating multiple future(s) for qualitative inquiry. I argue that the entanglement of past/present/future as events and forces in flux highlights the multiplicity of temporality where past/present/future are now, then, immanent, processual, always already in the making, and formed of intra-acting bodies.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalQualitative Inquiry
    Early online date8 Jun 2023
    Publication statusEarly online - 8 Jun 2023


    • feminist materialism
    • relational time
    • Multiverse
    • spacetimemattering
    • agential cuts

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