On Making in the Digital Humanities: The Scholarship of Digital Humanities Development in Honour of John Bradley

Julianne Nyhan (Editor), Geoffrey Rockwell (Editor), Stéfan Sinclair (Editor), Alexandra Kattrin Ortolja-Baird (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBook


On Making in the Digital Humanities fills a gap in our understanding of digital humanities projects and craft by exploring the processes of making as much as the products that arise from it. It draws focus to the interwoven layers of human and technological textures that constitute digital humanities scholarship. To do this, the collection assembles a group of well-known, experienced and emerging scholars in the digital humanities to reflect on various forms of making (we privilege here the creative and applied side of the digital humanities).

The volume honours the work of John Bradley, as his work is totemic of a practice of making that is deeply informed by critical perspectives. The contributions are individually important, but together provide a very human view on what it is to do the digital humanities, in the past, present and future.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUCL Press
Number of pages318
ISBN (Electronic)9781800084209
ISBN (Print)9781800084223, 9781800084216
Publication statusAccepted for publication - 2022

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