On the violence of heteronormativity within the management classroom

Nicholas Rumens

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    This chapter is positioned as a provocation against, and an evaluation of, business schools as sites of normative violence toward lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) students and faculty staff. In particular, I discuss the reproduction of heteronormativity and harmful effects for LGB students and educators alike. As I point out, in specific business school work contexts there may be stern disapproval and judgement for any manifestations of LGBT and ‘queer’ sexualities and genders, queer sexualities and genders being particularly attuned to disrupting and rupturing heteronormativity. It is my hope that this chapter, a composite account and review of academic sources and my reflections as an openly gay male business school academic, will throw into sharper relief two questions: how are business schools sites of heteronormative violence toward LGBT academics and students; how can business schools foster research and teaching that problematizes and dismantles heteronormativity? In this chapter I aim to expose the heteronormative contours of the business school and the management classroom, thereby building on emergent research that has only just begun to consider this topic from the perspectives of LGBT educators. In so doing, this chapter will enrich a wider nascent organizational literature that has sought to problematize the heteronormativity of the business school through a feminist gender lens.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationSexual orientation and transgender issues in organizations
    Subtitle of host publicationglobal perspectives on LGBT workforce diversity
    EditorsThomas Köllen
    Place of PublicationNew York
    PublisherSpringer New York
    Number of pages404
    ISBN (Print)978-3319296234
    Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2016


    • heteronormativity
    • business schools
    • management classroon
    • lesbian/gay/bi/trans
    • sexuality/gender
    • normative violence


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