Owning my asthma: an enhanced self-management initiative for 14-19 year olds

S. Lynch, S. Kearney, M. Hueppe, T. Day, R. Dominey, Ann Dewey

Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting Abstractpeer-review


Brief outline of context - Over 1.1 million children in the UK are currently being
treated for asthma. The equivalent of a classroom full of children dies every
year from asthma.

Outline of problem - People without asthma action plans are four times more
likely to need to go to hospital for their asthma. Only a third of children asked
said they had a written asthma action plan and just a quarter were getting all
three elements of routine management for their asthma.

Assessment - A year on year increase in A&E attendances for asthma in 14-19
year cohort shows that there is a need for a clinically appropriate programme/
to promote effective and enhanced asthma self-management; a key
recommendation from the National Review of Asthma Deaths.

Strategy - An asthma review with a Respiratory Nurse where they were issued
with a digital Peak flow meter, an Asthma Action Plan and signed up to
receive weekly automated calls. They were reviewed after two months and
offered an incentive if they completed the project.

Measurement of improvement - Evidence of improved concordance through
review of prescribing data, exacerbations, hospitalisation rates and selfreported
wellbeing. A total of 83% felt better able to control their asthma,75%
said that they understood their asthma better. More than 50% felt that their
asthma symptoms had improved, 60% ACT score had improved.
Lessons learnt: Teenagers require more input and it is important to build
relationships with them. This group engages readily with
Original languageEnglish
Article number16077
Journalnpj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 12 Oct 2016
Event2016 Primary Care Respiratory Society UK (PCRS-UK) Annual Conference: Fit for the Future—A Holistic Approach to Respiratory Care - Telford International Centre, Telford, United Kingdom
Duration: 14 Oct 201615 Oct 2016


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