Perception des acteurs de la filière halieutique sur les modes de conservation

Translated title of the contribution: Perception of stakeholders in the fishing industry on conservation methods

Asmine Désirade, Gilbert David, Pierre Failler, Grégoire Touron-Gardic

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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This article explains the fish preservation techniques practiced by Haitians and their perceptions of these different preservation methods. Individual surveys were conducted with nearly 200 actors in the fisheries sector. The results show that, for fishermen, only those practicing FAD fishing and net fishing are aware of the interest of preserving their products on board, the others attach little importance to it, their products being generally sold as soon as they return from fishing. For fish distributors, 80% of them prefer fish preserved with ice instead of salted/dried fish. Consumers have a similar preference profile. The technical and financial support of the actors of the sector is thus recommended to induce a tangible transformation of the perceptions and practices related to the hygiene, handling, processing, and preservation of seafood products. In addition, although fish freezing is known to be the best preservation technique, the lack of infrastructure and means of transport at negative temperature forces distributors to resort only to rudimentary techniques of glazing and salting/drying.
Translated title of the contributionPerception of stakeholders in the fishing industry on conservation methods
Original languageFrench
Number of pages15
JournalÉtudes caribéennes
Publication statusPublished - 15 Apr 2022


  • conservation
  • fish
  • actors
  • perception
  • innovation


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