Population dynamics of Ilisha africana in Coastal Waters of Ghana

Samuel K. K. Amponsah, Berchie Asiedu, Pierre Failler, S. Y. Avornyo, Nii Amarquaye Commey

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The present study was aimed to estimate population parameters including asymptotic length (L∞), growth rate (K), growth performance index (Φ′), natural mortality rate (M), fishing mortality rate (F), exploitation rate (E) and maximum exploitation rate (Emax) of Ilisha africana in coastal waters of Ghana for effective management measures and utilization using FiSAT. Of the total 804 specimens, asymptotic length, growth rate, and growth performance index were 23.6 cm, 0.48 per year, and 2.428, respectively. The total mortality rate (Z), natural mortality rate and fishing mortality rate were 1.47 per year, 1.13 per year and 0.34 per year, respectively. The exploitation rate (E) and maximum exploitation rate (Emax) were 0.23 and 0.56, respectively indicating low exploitation rate of I. africana stocks in Ghanaian coastal waters. The induction of recruits into the stock of I. africana species was all year round, suggesting no recruitment for the assessed fish species. Though, the exploitation of the assessed fish species was optimum, there is the need to ensure continuous monitoring of fishing effort and adherence to mesh size regulations in order to sustain the fishery.
Original languageEnglish
Article number100288
Number of pages7
JournalFisheries and Aquaculture Journal
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 26 Feb 2021


  • Growth
  • mortality
  • Ilisha africana
  • fishing
  • Ghana


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