Procurement: case studies

Walter Menteth

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The RIBA’s report Building Ladders of Opportunity: How reforming construction procurement can drive growth in the UK economy contains background on the need for reform of public construction procurement, and the RIBA’s detailed recommendations on how to achieve this. These detailed recommendations fall under the heading of three main recommendations to Government:
1) Further examine the best ways to drive efficiencies and savings to ensure the public procurement system functions in the best interests of all those it serves.
2) Embed processes that ensure buildings are sustainable by focusing on design outcomes.
3) Create a competitive market by increasing access and allowing the public sector to take full advantage of UK design talent.
Throughout these Case Studies, we have inserted references to the more detailed recommendations from this report that are aimed at dealing with the specific issues identified. All references to recommendations in this document are to recommendations in ‘Building Ladders of Opportunity’.

Please note: additional named contributors to three of the case studies in the report are - Sarah Williams of AEDAS; David Levitt OBE; and Roger Skehan, Director of Oddy Builders.
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 2012
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  • competitions
  • procurement
  • case study
  • architecture
  • contract bids
  • contract awards
  • SME
  • efficiency and reform


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