Properties of thermo-elastic waves in saline ice

Aleksey Marchenko, Ben Lishman

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    The thermal expansion of saline ice is accompanied by the migration of liquid brine through porous space in the ice. Two previous models of this thermal expansion, proposed by Malmgren (1927) and Cox (1983), assume, respectively, zero and infinite permeability of saline ice by liquid brine. In the present paper theoretical investigations, based on Darcy’s law, are used to describe thermo-elastic waves in saline ice, generated as the ice surface warms or cools. Characteristics of these thermo-elastic waves are analyzed for different values of the permeability of sea ice by brine, including zero and infinite values. The model matches known behaviour with these extreme permeabilities, and extends this understanding to sea ice with finite, non-zero permeability.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - Jun 2015
    EventPorts and Oceans Under Arctic Conditions (POAC) - Trondheim, Norway
    Duration: 14 Jun 201518 Jun 2015


    ConferencePorts and Oceans Under Arctic Conditions (POAC)


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