Rainbow Jews: The Story documentary

Searle Kochberg (Director), Shaan Knan (Curator), Luke Peter Robertson (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition

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Rainbow Jews (RJ) is a National Lottery funded multimedia oral history project and touring exhibition documenting UK LGBT+ pioneers (late 20th century thru early 21st Century). The pioneer LGBT+ Jewish narratives make up a very dynamic voice within UK Judaism, a voice recognised for its innovative thinking around Jewish experience and liturgy.

The research question which guided the project as a whole was 'What can oral history reveal about the experiences and contribution of LGBT+ Jews to the diversity of UK Jewish life?'

RJ launched at the Atrium space at London School of Economics on 6 Feb, 2014, and included:

Made to launch the RJ project (Kochberg 2014). Rainbow Jews: The Story (Kochberg 2014) is a 30-minute documentary exploring the overarching ambition of RJ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-N2DfUUY5o). The film considers how oral history, ethnographic film and material culture can establish the basis of a tangible history in the relative absence of mainstream historiographic evidence. 
The film incorporates extracts from 2 media programmes exploring LGBT+ Jewish pioneers,  Now and Then I and II , produced by SK and directed by Richard Hackett for the Rainbow Jews website (Feb 2014), and broadcast on Australian media (Joy Radio, Melbourne, Dec 2015). 
The film also includes extracts from 7 oral history interviews made by SK for RJ: Orthodox woman (restricted access), Ben Cohen (editor of the Pink Paper), Bella Segal (transgender activist), Rabbi Mark Solomon (conceiver of the original same sex ‘Covenant of Love’ (2004), Russell Van Dyk (pioneer of the Jewish Gay Group), Nick Jackson (on race and religion), and the autobiographical piece by Searle Kochberg (on transnationalism). These interviews can be found on the http://www.rainbowjews.com/ website.


Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationUK
PublisherLiberal Judaism UK
Media of outputFilm
SizeOver 3 hours of filmed material
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2014


  • LGBT+ Jewish history


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