Reference intervals for absolute and percentage immature platelet fraction using the Sysmex XN-10 automated haematology analyser in a UK population

Usman Ali, Gavin Knight, Roz Gibbs, Dimitris A. Tsitsikas

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Background: Immature platelet fraction (IPF) estimation is a non-invasive and sensitive test that is available on recently introduced Sysmex XN-series of automated haematology analysers. It is a direct cellular indicator of thrombopoiesis. The aim of this study was to establish reference intervals for IPF, for both absolute (A-IPF) and percentage (%-IPF) measurements.

Material and methods: A total of 2366 samples that met the inclusion criteria were assayed for full blood count on the Sysmex XN-10 and a non-parametric percentile method was used for calculating the reference intervals.

Results: After the outliers were excluded, the reference interval for %-IPF and A-IPF on Sysmex XN-10 were 1.6–10.1% and 4.37–23.21 × 109/L in total individuals, respectively. There was a statistical significance noted between the sexes (p = .004) for %-IPF, therefore a sex-specific reference interval was established, which was 1.8–10.0% for the males and 1.5–10.1% for females. No significant difference in sex status for A-IPF and age status for both %-IPF and A-IPF was observed. A very poor correlation was estimated between age versus %-IPF, ρ = 0.0156, and age versus A-IPF, ρ = −0.0023, indicating that there is no overall biological relationship between age and these parameters. As expected, a strong correlation between %-IPF and A-IPF was noted which could be attributed to their inter-relatedness.

Conclusions: This large-scale study showed comparable reference intervals with the previous studies for %-IPF and A-IPF in a UK population. It found the need to establish sex-specific reference intervals for %-IPF, but not for A-IPF, whereas reference intervals were found to be stable across the age range.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)658-664
Number of pages7
JournalScandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation
Issue number8
Early online date9 Nov 2017
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2017


  • reference values
  • blood platelet
  • haematology
  • thrombocytopenia
  • blood cell count
  • haematologic tests
  • haematologic diseases
  • clinicla laboratory techniques
  • clinical laboratory services
  • UK


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