Research: working with fathers with a history of domestic violence

Kieron Hatton

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Social work academic Dr Kieron Hatton examines research on social work with fathers who have carried out domestic violence Editor: Cathy Ashley Contributors: Clare Roskill, Claire Fraser, Brid Featherstone, Sean Haresnape, Bridget Lindley Title: Ashley, C (ed) (2011) Working with risky fathers, Fathers Matter volume 3: research findings on working with domestically abusive fathers and their involvement with children's social care services, London, Family Rights Group Aim: To undertake action research in three local authority children's services departments on working with fathers who are violent within the home Methodology: The authors used a mixed methodology which included an audit of child protection and children in need case files, undertaking a review of local policies and procedures and conducting focus groups and interviews with social workers and managers, mothers and fathers. In addition, there was a review of international literature with a particular focus on the Duluth programme and the Caring Dads programme developed in Canada. Conclusion: Drawing on the findings from Fathers Matter 1 and 2, the report provides a wide range of recommendations to improve local authority children's services policies and practice, including better recognition of fathers' roles in core assessments, improved recording and monitoring, enhanced training for frontline staff and more effective preventative and specialist services, as well as changes to legislation.
Original languageEnglish
JournalCommunity Care
Publication statusPublished - 13 Oct 2011


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