Rule based systems: a granular computing perspective

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A rule based system is a special type of expert system, which typically consists of a set of if-then rules. Such rules can be used in the real world for both academic and practical purposes. In general, rule based systems are involved in knowledge discovery tasks for both purposes and predictive modelling tasks for the latter purpose. In the context of granular computing, each of the rules that make up a rule based system can be seen as a granule. This is due to the fact that granulation in general means decomposition of a whole into several parts. Similarly, each rule consists of a number of rule terms. From this point of view, each rule term can also be seen as a granule. As mentioned above, rule based systems can be used for the purpose of knowledge discovery, which means to extract information or knowledge discovered from data. Therefore, rules and rule terms that make up a rule based system are considered as information granules. This paper positions the research of rule based systems in the granular computing context, which explores ways of achieving advances in the former area through the novel use of theories and techniques in the latter area. In particular, this paper gives a certain perspective on how to use set theory for management of information granules for rules/rule terms and different types of computational logic for reduction of learning bias. The effectiveness is critically analysed and discussed. Further directions of this research area are recommended towards achieving advances in rule based systems through the use of granular computing theories and techniques.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)259-274
Number of pages16
JournalGranular Computing
Issue number4
Early online date11 May 2016
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2016


  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Rule Based Systems
  • Granular Computing
  • Deterministic Logic
  • Probabilistic Logic
  • Fuzzy Logic


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