Seeing is Believing: An experiential approach that fosters empathy while raising awareness about the impact of human behaviour

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The art project "Seeing is Believing" visually represents ecosystem threats in an interactive manner to inspire change. Drawing upon existing material which showcases examples of extended reality and art, addressing, specifically, plastic pollution, the project also prompts exploration of the Anthropocene era. It highlights the interconnections between nature, the environment, and human behaviour through multidisciplinary, interactive, and immersive approaches, including extended reality. This project allows individuals to experience the effects of human behaviour on non-human animals and explore potential changes to mitigate those effects. In addition to raising awareness about the consequences of human behaviour, the project demonstrates how modifying human conduct can impact ecosystems and non-human animals. Immersive experiences using digital media, storytelling, and illustration, along with extended reality, help audiences understand the consequences of a harmful world-view. Through collaboration, Seeing is Believing aims to initiate
meaningful conversations, foster allyship, and inspire tangible actions for a sustainable and environmentally conscious society. By amplifying the voices of animals and the planet and providing a platform for their stories, the project contributes to ongoing dialogue on the potential to address and change people's perception of other species.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 4 Oct 2023
Event(Un)Common Worlds III: Navigating and Inhabiting Biodiverse Anthropocenes - Oulu, Finland
Duration: 4 Oct 20236 Oct 2023


Conference(Un)Common Worlds III: Navigating and Inhabiting Biodiverse Anthropocenes


  • illustration
  • extended reality
  • anthropocene
  • animal
  • biodiversity

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