Siting language

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The following words and images form part of my research project entitled 'Sites of Unlearning: Encountering Perforated Ground' undertaken at the Slade School of Fine Art. In this essay, I revisit sites in Israel and Palestine, where I have been photographing for the past four years. My encounters with these sites include the visits to the sites with a camera – a visit informed by the political and historical narratives and the performative act of photography – and revisits to the sites through the printing process and their belated reflections offered in words. My works seek to perforate: in the literal sense, I aim to pierce through the multiple layers held tightly in the photographic image and its making, and metaphorically, to perforate an already perforated ground found in the landscape and language.
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Issue numberPeripheries
Publication statusPublished - 30 Aug 2018


  • Art
  • photography
  • printmaking
  • practice-based research
  • language
  • sightseeing
  • name-change


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