An investigation into the relationship and integration between strategic quality management and corporate social responsibility
: the case of some Saudi Arabian organisations

  • Talal Alsaif

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    The aim of this research is to investigate whether and how Strategic Quality Management (SQM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can have an effect on each other. The fulfilment of this aim was by investigating the different aspects of the relationship between SQM and CSR to find the common ground for the integration and studying how the integration would be perceived by certain Saudi Arabian organisations, in terms of levels, natures and methods of the integration. In addition, this research will study the benefits, barriers, opportunities and motivations of the integration from the point of view of Saudi Arabian organisations within the dominant Islamic culture.

    To realise this aim and objectives, this author applied a multi qualitative multiple-cases study. The researcher conducted interviews and documentary analysis with some Saudi Arabian organisations as well as conducting a focus group with the experts in this domain in Saudi Arabia. The methodology of this study required special considerations in order to ensure its validity and reliability. The sampling of the cases that were selected for this research was according to the recognition of the Saudi Arabian Responsible Competitiveness Index, which were also awarded the King Khalid Responsible Competitiveness Award for their responsible practices and CSR applications. The final sample of this research consisted of organisations from the healthcare, manufacturing, petrochemical and service sectors.

    The findings showed that SQM and CSR have significant similarities in theory and major overlaps in practice. More importantly, the results strongly suggested that the integration between SQM and CSR could be viable in general and, more specifically, for Saudi Arabian organisations. Moreover, there were some indications of a cultural readiness to accept this integration to be applied in Saudi Arabia that is consistent with the Islamic teachings.

    Therefore the major contribution to knowledge of this research is the development of a framework and model that can be applied by Saudi Arabian organisations to integrate their SQM and CSR. The framework and model were developed upon several criteria and considerations that would make the integration appropriate for this specific context. Based on the research results and the development of the integration framework and model, some recommendations are made that would widen this effort at three levels for organisations, governments or authorities, and for further research.
    Date of AwardFeb 2015
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • University of Portsmouth
    SupervisorBarbara Savage (Supervisor), Debbie Reed (Supervisor) & Andrea Foley (Supervisor)

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