Determinants and Consequences of Corporate Innovation Disclosure
: Evidence from UK FTSE All Non-Financial Firms

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    This study contributes to the existing literature on corporate innovation disclosure by measuring and analysing corporate innovation disclosure (CID) among UK FTSE All non-financial firms from 2013 to 2020. Therefore, the determinants and consequences of corporate innovation disclosure (CID) have been investigated. First, the study performs a systematic review of the existing literature on corporate innovation disclosure. The study reviews 73 studies published in 42 journals over the period 2000–2023. The results highlight the significant knowledge gaps and inconclusive findings of existing literature in several aspects, including identifying the gaps for further research in terms of research designs, scope, and theories. On the side of corporate innovation disclosure (CID) measurement, the study adopts new corporate innovation keywords and a comprehensive view. The results indicate that levels of Corporate Innovation Disclosure (CID) are increasing over time in the UK, but different industries show various levels of Corporate Innovation Disclosure. Second, the determinants that may positively influence such disclosures are the board size, board independence, board gender diversity, Independence audit committee, and expertise audit committee. Third, the study also investigates the relationship between Corporate Innovation Disclosure and environmental, social, and governance pillars (ESG) and found a positive significant relationship between Corporate Innovation Disclosure and environmental, social, and governance pillars (ESG) in the UK. Fourth, from the consequence perspective, this study found that corporate innovation disclosure has a significant positive impact on corporate performance, as measured by financial (ROA, ROE, and EPS) and market factors (Tobin-Q). Therefore, it can be concluded that Corporate Innovation Disclosure is valuable information news that serves as an indicator of a company’s future performance, provides investors with critical insights into a company's future growth potential, and positively influences its market valuation and the company’s reputation in terms of sustainability and corporate responsibility.
    Keywords: Corporate innovation disclosure, Corporate governance, Environmental, social, and governance pillars (ESG), Corporate performance.

    Date of Award4 Jul 2024
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • University of Portsmouth
    SupervisorKhaldoon Albitar (Supervisor) & Khaled Hussainey (Supervisor)

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