Entrepreneurial orientation, export performance and green innovation performance
: the mediating effect of open innovation in SMEs

  • Francisco José Romera Cámara

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    Entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalization are topics of great interest for the scientific community, companies and for all major governments worldwide.
    In literature there are many studies that are interested and look for the relationship between entrepreneurship and performances. Based on the literature on entrepreneurship, open innovation (OI), green innovation performance (GIP) and export performance (EP), we extend the model by hypothesizing and studying to what extent the entrepreneurial orientation (EO) is influenced and mediated by a construct that has become a hot topic among the scientific community in the last decade, as is open innovation; impacting and facilitating the processes of green innovation and the internationalization of the companies.
    All this is done in an empirical study in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), where resources are scarce and strategies, linked to green production and export plays a fundamental role for their performance. Taking, as a sample Spanish companies in the footwear industry and companies related to science parks, the analyses are carried out to test these relationships through Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). It is expected to find a positive relationship in the object of study.
    Date of AwardFeb 2018
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorPaul Trott (Supervisor) & Joaquín Alegre Vidal (Supervisor)

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