Factors Influencing the Intention of Saudi Gen-Y Talent to Stay in the Saudi Mining Industry

  • Fouzi Abdulrahman Bubshait

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This study makes a significant addition to the body of knowledge and practice on the factors affecting talent management (TM) and talent retention by building on the social exchange theory (SET) within the context of the Saudi mining industry.
This research aims to understand, investigate, and report how organisational and individual factors impact talented Gen-Yemployees’ intention to stay in the Saudi mining industry. The study provides managers and HR practitioners in the Saudi mining industry with invaluable insights regarding current TM practices and a guide for their continuing efforts toward meeting the specific needs and expectations of talented Gen-Y employees to enhance their intentions to stay.
Qualitative data were gathered from two focus-group discussions with nine (9) selected managers and six (6) recruitment specialists representing the affiliate companies in SMC. In addition, twenty-four semi-structured interviews with current and talented Gen-Y ex-employees were conducted.
This is the first study investigating Saudi mining organisations' challenges in retaining talented Gen-Y employees. As the employee retention challenges of Saudi mining organisations are considered very typical of those experienced globally, the findings of this study are, therefore, generalizable to mining organisations operating in remote locations.
Several factors have been identified that may affect the intention of Gen-Y talents to stay in the Saudi mining industry. Organisational factors included professional development and advancement, performance management, branding, benefits and compensation, work environment, leadership and supervision, and recruitment and onboarding. Individual factors included engagement, feedback, communication, work-life balance, and personal values and perceptions.
The findings confirm the suitability of the SET framework in multinational environments and provide guidelines for organisations in designing retention programs and establishing strategies that could increase the intentions of talented Saudi Gen-Y employees to stay in the Kingdom's mining industry.

Date of Award7 Nov 2022
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorFoteini Kravariti (Supervisor) & Karen Johnston (Supervisor)

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