Investigating the Challenges of Change Management and Knowledge Sharing in the Organisation: A Case Study Investigation

  • Ijeoma Jane Ojukwu

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The research presented in this thesis is focused on investigating the challenges of change management and knowledge sharing. ‘Project Alpha’ in a multinational telecommunication company in Switzerland was investigated. An action research inquiry was adopted using Soft Systems Methodology as an interpretative approach to organisational problem solving to provide structure. The socio-technical design provided the value of employees' participation and practical challenges of the inquiry, Critical Systems thinking framework and other borrowed ideas were used for reflective practice. Combining SSM with other approaches was an effort to respond to the rising complexity and diversity of organisational change management and knowledge-sharing issues.
The investigation, which provided a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of organisational change management and knowledge sharing, also contributes to the notion that change management and knowledge sharing processes should always be redefined, reviewed, and revised in response to how the system adapts to current circumstances. Also, this research provides finding that employees participating in the design of change management and knowledge-sharing processes reduces resistance to change and enable knowledge-sharing during change. This finding includes support for the importance of Langefors infological equation I=i(D,S,t), where I is the information or knowledge is thus created by each individual. Langefors therefore, suggests that those people who are to interpret data in order to inform themselves must be viewed as part of the system.
This study adds to the body of literature on the subjective experience of change management and knowledge-sharing as perceived by employees who actively participated in it. Organisations continue to struggle with change management and knowledge-sharing issues, around 80% of change projects are unsuccessful. Knowledge sharing and how it is shared are examined for organisational change(s) to be managed effectively. The existing literature that provides insights into the relationship between organisational changes and knowledge sharing has received relatively little attention.
Based on the research findings, recommendations and guidelines have been developed to help organisations and change agents effectively manage change and share knowledge using the research tools. Also, findings from the investigation shows that employees’ job satisfaction can be explored as part of change management and knowledge sharing processes.

Date of Award13 Apr 2024
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Portsmouth
SupervisorPeter Bednar (Supervisor), Penny Hart (Supervisor) & Alexander Gegov (Supervisor)

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