Relationship between Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance in Unilever

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The research aims to assume a critical scrutiny of the association between employee engagement and organisational performance within the context of Unilever. In addition, the key finding of the research is that the piety of Unilever to staff engagement is authoritative for the company to retain its leading position in the consumer goods sector while keeping its environmental and moral values. Along with this, the primary data collection method is employed in the research in which the data is gathered from the participants by asking them some open-ended questions and their response is captured with the help of Google Forms. Furthermore, developing a complete employee engagement plan, promoting management support & involvement, employee well-being, creating comprehensive development and training initiatives and encouraging open dialogue and criticism are some recommendations that can help the employees of the Unilever company to mitigate the issues that occur within the organsiation.
Date of Award2023
Original languageEnglish

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