Supply chain performance of Pakistani apparel manufacturing and exporting organizations to U.S.A and European buyers
: a study of organizations based in Karachi, Pakistan

  • Naveed Ahmed Khan

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    Pakistan is one of the major producers of cotton and textile products. However, Pakistani apparel manufacturers and exporters are losing their market share due to poor supply chain performance. Owing to limited research in this area, an exploratory qualitative study (phase-1) involving a variety of organizations in apparel SC was carried out, in conjunction with a literature review, to determine the causes behind this decline. The outcome of preliminary exploratory study and literature review aided in the proposal of a hypothetical model that reveals the factors affecting the Supply chain performance of Pakistani apparel manufacturing and exporting organizations.
    On the basis of the hypothetical model, an instrument was designed and piloted to strengthen the phase-2 large-scale quantitative study. Following the analysis of the phase-2 study using structural equation modeling, a revised model is presented. The final model indicates that factors such as poor planning and resource utilization, poor management of cost, higher delivery leadtime, a lack of flexibility and vertical integration, low quality, ineffective sourcing, poor compliance with workplace and social standards, and counter-productive government policy are causing the supply chain performance of apparel manufacturing and exporting organizations in Pakistan to decline significantly.
    This study also points out the intricate relationship of factors including those moderating the relation of above-stated factors and supply chain performance. The study classified factors into two main categories, namely internal and external factors. This approach clearly indicates which areas management of apparel manufacturing and exporting originations need to improve and which areas require the immediate attention of the government of Pakistan.
    Date of AwardSept 2018
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • University of Portsmouth
    SupervisorAlessio Ishizaka (Supervisor) & Ashraf Labib (Supervisor)

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