The Role of Communication Driven Decision Support System (DSS) in Strategic Management

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The study's goal is to uncover the key characteristics of various communications-driven DSS designs that promote efficient strategic decision-making and to examine the implications of such systems for collective decision-making and knowledge work tasks. The systematic evaluation of the literature examined communication-driven decision support systems (CDDSS) and its impact on strategic management. Communication technologies facilitate the construction of a platform that assists management teams in making better decisions and improves team determination and cooperation. This study looks at the various types of communications-driven DSSs that enable successful strategic decision-making and investigates their implications for group decision-making and knowledge-driven operations. The study also looks at the influence of several situations, factors, and processes on successful CDDSS implementation, such as corporate culture, institutional support, user conformance, and feasibility evaluation. CDDSS was discovered to have a substantial impact on strategic management at the workforce level, from promoting decision-making to improving collaboration. It enables teams to make better decisions by providing access to collective intelligence and assets, enabling them to be more decisive in their decision-making. Businesses rely on communication technologies to control and facilitate contact among team members as well as between the organization and its stakeholders. According to the findings of this analysis, communications-driven DSSs have revolutionized the way groups make these decisions.
Key Words: Decision Support System (DSS), Strategic Management, Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS), Knowledge Management (KM), Communications-Driven DSS
Date of Award2023
Original languageEnglish

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