Vers une contribution dans le transport maritime de marchandises
: optimisation de placement des conteneurs dans un port maritime

Translated title of the thesis: Contribution in the maritime transport of containerized freight: optimization of container stacking in container terminals
  • Khadidja Yachba

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    Maritime transport is the merchandise moving operation from one place to another by sea. This mode of transport consider loading and unloading of containers at ports.By-compared to other modes of transport (road, river), maritime transport remains a very important means of transport.Upon arrival at a port, the ships docked remain inactive for the duration of loading and unloading.Handling port terminal operators receive a schedule indicating the dates of loading and unloading of containers and their locations in the storage areas. Once welcomed to dock ships are unloaded by gantry to the handling area where the containers are then recovered for transfer to storage areas or exchanges. Container terminals are inter modal interfaces essential to the global transportation network. An optimal location for a container terminal is very important for companies because doing so reduces transportation costs.In our work we mainly propose two> approaches to problem solving of container placement through the description of a decision model that solves and optimizes the available storage space to manage the departures and arrivals of filled containers in a Seaport.In other words, a model that minimizes the total number of unnecessary movements (displacements) while respecting dynamic constraints of space and time.
    Date of Award2017
    Original languageFrench
    Awarding Institution
    • University of Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella
    SupervisorShahin Gelareh (Supervisor) & Karim Bouamrane (Supervisor)

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