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Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Activity: Visiting an external organisation typesVisiting an external academic institution

'Small incubator' funded fellowship, given by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

‘Super-diversity’ is seen as a means to conceptualise a post-multicultural era, looking beyond ethnicity to recognise the importance of other ‘additional variables’ including social and geographic factors. Emanating from the particular migrant experiences in the UK over the past ten years, ‘super-diversity’ is said to better represent the types of diversities that are normal amongst contemporary populations (Vertovec 2007: 1025). However, the notion of ‘super-diversity’ has yet to be fully applied to the case of ‘new Europe’, i.e. the countries in Central and Eastern Europe which have their own particular histories of migration and diversity. This visiting fellowship will allow an exploration of the challenges and limitations of such a concept in the region, arguing that super-diversity can be useful to describe social transformations in the region, but require careful contextualising in local histories.
22 Apr 20142 May 2014

External organisation (Academic)

NameHungarian Academy of Sciences
Location1051 Budapest

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