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Clean air, good health Nairobi: creative, participatory lung health research

Funding: R: ResearchAward

This continues the work of the AIR (Action for Interdisciplinary Research) Network, a multidisciplinary partnership of African and European researchers and practitioners, together with community members from Mukuru, an informal settlement in Nairobi. Initially funded by AHRC-MRC Partnership Award, the Network was established to engage with the Mukuru community and explore co-development of effective community-driven solutions to the issue of air pollution. The AIR Network have secured further funding for project Tupumue, led by Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Kenya Medical Research Institute. Tupumue is a £720,000 grant, part of Newton Fund’s UK-Kenya Joint Partnership on Non-Communicable Diseases, funded by the MRC and the National Research Foundation of Kenya (NRF). The 3-year project aims to generate new knowledge about early life course determinants of non-communicable lung disease. We are studying the lung health of 5-18 year olds from Mukuru and from a neighbouring well-to-do suburb. This is the first study in Africa to look at lung health relative to birth weight. The project is also unique in that it will integrate the use of creative methodologies to research the lived experience of the two populations, and generate qualitative data sets that will complement the quantitative clinical data to provide a more holistic comparison. Following a 3-day consultation process in Nairobi, we realised that AIR Network methodologies should be used more extensively within Tupumue - for sensitisation and engagement of the communities, for the research itself, and for the final project dissemination activities. To support these public engagement activities, we are applying to the Wellcome Trust PE Fund.

Wellcome Trust: £9,116.00

Effective start/end date1/12/191/09/20
Award date4/02/20

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