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HDR UK Knowledge management workstream

Funding: R: ResearchAward

The primary aim is to facilitate sustainable communication and sharing of informal and actionable knowledge within the HDR UK Better Care community, by:<br/>•Engaging Better Care Learning Health System (LHS) project teams to understand their knowledge and learning needs, and the incentives and cultural context in which they operate<br/>•Identifying suitable technical and social tools (including knowledge mobilisation / communities of practice models), social media or other options for knowledge sharing, and how to motivate use<br/>•Co-designing with staff a sustainable, effective HDR UK Learning Collaborative using the selected tools and methods, including determining what level of standardisation is appropriate<br/>•Supporting and incentivising staff to participate in the Collaborative to share LHS techniques, fragments of analytical codes, clinical code sets, informal learnings etc.<br/><br/>In addition, we will also develop a demonstrator of communication and sharing of clinical knowledge from the Better Care programme to clinicians and patients outside these LHS, by: <br/>•Mapping the types of clinical knowledge that Better Care projects and LHS generate<br/>•Working with one or more target organisations for disseminating this knowledge (eg. GP template developers, NICE) <br/>•Drawing upon international standards for clinical knowledge representation and decision support <br/>•Planning and running a clinical knowledge Hackday to populate at least one knowledge sharing platform with sample Better Care knowledge as a prototype for an HDR UK Outputs Library<br/>•Engaging with external partners to facilitate use of this library <br/><br/>Dr Philip Scott is co-director of the project with Prof Jeremy Wyatt.<br/>
Effective start/end date13/07/2031/01/21
Award date7/12/20

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