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Operational Research Behavioural Interventions Toolkit (ORBIT)

Funding: R: ResearchAward

In order to support improving the implementation of transformation projects in organisations, we will set-up a virtual hub for practitioners and develop a tool to support implementation. The activities are:<br/>1. Virtual hub<br/>Setting up a ‘Behavioural OR Knowledge Hub’ where researchers and non-academic stakeholders will share insights from applications of Behavioural OR including their impact on organisations. <br/>2. ORBIT tool kit<br/>Developing a new tool called “OR interventions Behavioural Toolkit” (ORBIT). ORBIT which will be made available via the project web portal, an open source technology that can be accessed by academics and non-academics alike. <br/><br/>The non-academic partner (BT) supports the setting up of the hub and will link the resources developed to their own activities and training aimed at improving the implementation of practices.<br/><br/>The activities link to a long-term agenda that intends to embed behavioural science in the field of Operational Research.<br/>

University of Warwick: £18,409.00

Effective start/end date1/10/1730/04/18
Award date25/07/18

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ID: 12014964