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    Beullens, P. & Professor Dylan Jones

    European Commission: £67,574.00


    Award date: 12/10/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  2. HMP Kingston IDTS Needs Assessment

    Dr Aaron Pycroft, Savage, S. & Cook, I.

    Portsmouth City Council: £19,500.00


    Award date: 19/10/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  3. Honey and Mast-Cell Degranulation

    Cooper, A. J.

    Comvita New Zealand Ltd: £3,000.00


    Award date: 29/10/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  4. Taylor

    Twigg, L.

    Economic and Social Research Council: £72,396.00


    Award date: 1/11/09

    Funding: (DO NOT USE) R: StudentshipAward

  5. Eliciting and Detecting Cues to Deceit in Brief Interactions

    Professor Aldert Vrij

    Government Communications Planning Directorate: £133,471.00


    Award date: 2/11/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  6. Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorships for Professor Sarah T Boysen

    Professor Kim A. Bard & Boysen, S.

    Leverhulme Trust: £35,323.00


    Award date: 3/11/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  7. sKTP - Smart-e Ltd

    Dr Rinat Khusainov & Dr Djamel Azzi

    Technology Strategy Board: £22,800.00


    Award date: 9/11/09

    Funding: (DO NOT USE) R: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)Award

  8. KTP - KG&S Ltd

    Dr Djamel Azzi & Dr Rinat Khusainov

    Technology Strategy Board: £145,390.00


    Award date: 11/11/09

    Funding: (DO NOT USE) R: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)Award


    Professor Bob Nichol

    Astrophysical Research Consortium: £21,871.00


    Award date: 12/11/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  10. Steroids in water

    Waring, C. P.

    Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science: £35,235.00


    Award date: 13/11/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  11. Proteomic Charaterisation of Novel Prostate Cancer Biomakers

    Hastie, C.

    University of Southampton: £15,866.00


    Award date: 17/11/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  12. Extension: Randomised Controlled Trail of ion-Exchange Water Softerners in Reducing Eczema Symptoms in Childern

    Professor Tara Dean

    NHS England: £3,995.00


    Award date: 17/11/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  13. Influence of music volume on the estimation of alcohol strength

    Dr Lorenzo Stafford

    Alcohol Education Research Council: £4,839.00


    Award date: 30/11/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  14. Long-run land use change in Britian 1869 - 2000

    Professor Humphrey Southall, Dr Brian Baily & Miss Paula Aucott

    Frederick Soddy Trust: £21,520.00


    Award date: 1/12/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  15. Innovative techniques and models to study Glia-Neuron interactions

    Professor Arthur Butt

    European Commission: £159,578.00


    Award date: 10/12/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  16. Digging into data initiative

    Professor Richard Healey

    Joint Information Systems Committee: £98,837.00


    Award date: 11/12/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  17. Philip Leverhulme Prize in Astrophysics

    Professor Kazuya Koyama

    Leverhulme Trust: £70,000.00


    Award date: 13/12/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  18. East Head and adjoining shoreline: analysis of changes

    Bray, M.

    Chichester District Council: £2,880.00


    Award date: 17/12/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  19. DNA Distortion, Sequence Recognition and the Control of R-M Gene Expression

    Kneale, G., Professor John McGeehan & Swiderska, A.

    Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council: £445,031.00


    Award date: 18/12/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  20. Regional Study on the Feasibility (environment, economic and social) of Restocking and Development of Culture-based Fisheries in Central Asia

    Professor Andy Thorpe & Whitmarsh, D.

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: £17,500.00


    Award date: 23/12/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  21. UNISON 2009

    Professor Charlotte Rayner

    UNISON: £1,000.00


    Award date: 23/12/09

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  22. NAHIP R & D Programme for 2010 - 2012 and extension (Muslim Toolkit) - awarded to Sigma Research

    Weatherburn, P., Dodds, C. & Bourne, A.

    African HIV Policy Network: £11,643.00, African HIV Policy Network: £300,000.00


    Award date: 7/01/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  23. Functional Capacity Evaluation of the Workforce

    Professor Mike Tipton

    Energy Institute: £9,000.00


    Award date: 11/01/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  24. Tracit

    Ms Catherine Teeling & Dr Lee Woods

    European Commission: £64,722.00


    Award date: 15/01/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  25. No Sets Please, We're British

    Ede, L.

    British Academy: £400.00


    Award date: 25/01/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  26. SCMS at 50: Archiving the Future, Moblising the Past

    Professor Justin Smith

    British Academy: £500.00


    Award date: 25/01/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  27. Review of Evidence Base for Informatics Improvements in Health & Social Care Service Delivery

    Dr Philip Scott & Professor Jim Briggs

    NHS Connecting for Health: £10,000.00


    Award date: 2/02/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  28. Healthy Living Pharmacy Research

    Professor Jane Portlock, Professor David Brown & Leech, M.

    Portsmouth City Teaching Primary Care Trust: £65,000.00


    Award date: 4/02/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  29. CHAPS R & D Programme 2010-2012 - awarded to Sigma Research

    Weatherburn, P., Hickson, F., Dodds, C. & Reid, D. G.

    The Terrence Higgins Trust: £589,809.00


    Award date: 8/02/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  30. KTP - Flight Data Services Ltd

    Brown, D., Fahimi, F., Professor Paul Trott, Gremont, B. & Dr Edward Smart

    Technology Strategy Board: £145,390.00


    Award date: 11/02/10

    Funding: (DO NOT USE) R: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)Award

  31. Update of Worklessness Study to Feb 2009

    Sizeland, F., Clark, D. & Dent, P.

    Southampton City Council: £7,200.00


    Award date: 17/02/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  32. CHIVA Summer Camp - awarded to Sigma Research

    Weatherburn, P. & Dodds, C.

    Children's HIV Association: £15,000.00


    Award date: 24/02/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  33. The impact of transparency enhancements on the technical effectiveness and democratic responsiveness

    Heard-Laureote, K.

    British Academy: £7,272.00


    Award date: 24/02/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  34. Assessment of blood lactate in swimmers

    Dr Mitch Lomax

    Amateur Swimming Association: £128.00


    Award date: 26/02/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  35. Biophysical characterisation of potassium channels cloned from multiple species of human pathogenic fungi

    Dr Anthony Lewis

    The Royal Society: £15,000.00


    Award date: 5/03/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  36. Channel 4 Televsion and British Film Culture

    Professor Justin Smith & McDonald, P.

    Arts and Humanities Research Council: £385,555.00


    Award date: 11/03/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  37. Theoretical Cosmology

    Professor Roy Maartens, Professor David Wands, Professor Robert Crittenden, Dr Marco Bruni, Professor Kazuya Koyama, Professor Bob Nichol, Dr David Bacon & Percival, W.

    Science and Technology Facilities Council: £1,431,613.00


    Award date: 12/03/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  38. ESRC Pathfinder Research Projects: Inequalites in Access to Heaalth care in Brazil and India

    Professor Sasee Pallikadavath

    Economic and Social Research Council: £9,889.00


    Award date: 17/03/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  39. G Pilkington Donation Account

    Professor Geoff Pilkington

    S. Brown & P. Connolly: £250.00, Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association: £5,000.00


    Award date: 18/03/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  40. Socio-emotional Experiences and Primate Social Cognition

    Professor Kim A. Bard

    Leverhulme Trust: £135,232.00


    Award date: 22/03/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  41. KTP - Stork Amsterdam International Ltd (SAIL) - now SBBM

    Brown, D., Fahimi, F., Mr David Smith, Gremont, B. & Dr Edward Smart

    Technology Strategy Board: £114,500.00


    Award date: 24/03/10

    Funding: (DO NOT USE) R: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)Award

  42. Brain Tumour Research Donation

    Professor Geoff Pilkington

    Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association: £7,500.00


    Award date: 27/03/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  43. IRD heavy minerals as a provenance tool for ice coverage on Greenland

    Professor Craig Storey

    Natural Environment Research Council: £29,047.00


    Award date: 6/04/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  44. New Insights into Using Ligocellulose Degradation Mechanisms for Biofuel Generation Gained by Sharing Expertise in Wood-degrading Animals & Fungi

    Professor Simon Cragg

    Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council: £33,305.00


    Award date: 9/04/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  45. Portsmouth Commercial Port Impact Study 2010

    Clark, D., Duffy, D., Dent, P. & Filis, G.

    Portsmouth City Council: £6,000.00

    1/05/10 → …

    Award date: 14/04/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  46. Grammatical structures and action affordances: Dealing with household work in English, Polish and 'mixed' families

    Zinken, J.

    Arts and Humanities Research Council: £70,555.00


    Award date: 20/04/10

    Funding: (DO NOT USE) R: FellowshipAward

  47. Making the best use of video identification parades and meeting the needs of vulnerable witnesses

    Professor Becky Milne

    Economic and Social Research Council: £8,188.00


    Award date: 30/04/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  48. SILCS

    Ms Catherine Teeling

    European Commission: £32,580.00


    Award date: 3/05/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  49. The Context of Household Waste Management

    Riley, M.

    Leverhulme Trust: £75,911.00


    Award date: 5/05/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  50. Vacation Scholarship

    Professor Jerome Swinny

    Nuffield Foundation: £1,440.00


    Award date: 6/05/10

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

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