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  1. AI drone stereo image technology for building thermal efficiency surveying

    Dr Jiye Chen

    iRed Limited: £70,661.00


    Award date: 22/07/19

    Funding: R: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)Award

  2. EMphasis3 CO2 Reductions

    Dr David Hutchinson

    Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government: £1,272,079.67


    Award date: 1/07/19

    Funding: I: RegenerationAward

  3. Child Death Immersion Programme - July Course

    Dr Mick Harper

    Online Store: £1,260.00


    Award date: 20/06/19

    Funding: I: Non-credit bearing courseExtension

  4. SM24466 Correlation between nanostructure and mechanical properties of biomaterial-mediated newly formed bone

    Dr Gianluca Tozzi, Pena Fernandez, M., Kao, A., Professor Gordon William Blunn & Dr Jurgita Zekonyte

    Diamond Light Source: £38,400.00


    Award date: 20/06/19

    Funding: R: In Kind FacilitiesAward

  5. PlastiCity

    Professor Diego Alfonso Vazquez-Brust, Mr Guido Robazza, Ms Mengfeng Gong, Mr Phevos Kallitsis & Frei, R.

    Interreg: £324,139.00


    Award date: 19/06/19

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  6. Creative Spark- Entrepreneurship PUET UOP

    Dr Jovana Radulovic, Tkachenko, A. & Ustian, O.


    Award date: 18/06/19

    Funding: I: MiscellaneousAward

  7. Partnership Project Malaysia

    Professor Raymond Yun Wah Lee


    Award date: 7/06/19

    Funding: I: MiscellaneousAward

  8. Multiscale Modelling Project

    Dr Jamie Foster

    Faraday Institute for Science and Religion: £231,891.88


    Award date: 4/06/19

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  9. Costs of food crime

    Professor Lisa Jack, Dr Adam Cox, Wohlschlegel, A. & Dr Edward Smart

    Food Standards Agency: £30,000.00


    Award date: 3/06/19

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  10. Translation and Technology: towards sustainable and ethical adaptation of technologies, public engagement event

    Dr Akiko Sakamoto

    The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation: £1,000.00


    Award date: 3/06/19

    Funding: Award

  11. Understanding moral injury and belief change in the experiences of police investigation in child exploitation units

    Professor Peter Lee & Dr Vasileios Karagiannopoulos

    Economic and Social Research Council: £67,841.00


    Award date: 3/06/19

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  12. Lingnan Normal University Summer School

    Dr Stephen Corbett

    Guangdong Shuying Education Consulting Co. Ltd: £36,750.00


    Award date: 30/05/19

    Funding: I: Non-credit bearing courseAward

  13. The next generation of strong gravitational lens samples

    Dr Thomas Collett

    The Royal Society: £12,000.00


    Award date: 30/05/19

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  14. A Pilot Project to assess the Acceptability and Effectiveness of a Dental Walk-in Clinic for Homeless People at the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy

    Miss Janani Sivabalan & Wanyonyi, K.

    Oral and Dental Research Trust: £2,700.00


    Award date: 27/05/19

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  15. College of Policing Systematic Map - What works in investigative interviewing

    Professor Lorraine Hope


    Award date: 22/05/19

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  16. International comparative study of Netball Umpires for Professional Doctorate funding

    Dr Thomas Webb, Dr Gemma Milligan, Dr Matt Dicks & Miss Brogan Horler

    International Netball Federation: £15,579.00


    Award date: 22/05/19

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

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