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Storytelling Conference

Funding: I: MiscellaneousAward

We are bringing some of the leading academics in Organisation Studies to Portsmouth ( e.g. Senior edits of several 3 and 4* publication). This helps with the reputation of the university. The seminar series offers both a good networking as well as a learning opportunity for staff members working in OS (we identified at least 5 who are keen to join the event). Finally, we are working on securing a special issue on the theme of the seminar : two journals are identified: European Management Journal ( 2stars) and Leadership (2 stars). <br/><br/>We also hope to attract some delegates from industry. This will enhance UoP Brand among practiontioners in Hampshire. This could lead to future collaboration with the industry by opening new opportunities for promoting and delivering tailored leadership development workshops. There is some scope for the deficit to be reduced should the number of delegates be greater than anticipated.
Effective start/end date8/06/178/06/17
Award date9/01/17

ID: 6800196