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Valuation of ecosystem services of Gabon Marine protected areas

Funding: R: ResearchAward

PBS will be in charge of the valuation component of a larger project that consists of the analysis of the MPA effectiveness in Gabon. The project is implemented by the French Research Centre IRD and led by Gilbert DavidHow does the project contribute to the research and financial profile of the centre/department<br/>The project will enhance the portfolio of research activities in the area of Ecosystem valuation as well as the geographical area of PBS research intervention (first project in Gabon). As the project brings together key scientists in ecology, geography and other domains of expertise with a strong background in publishing, a few journal articles will be produced in high level journals.<br/><br/>How does the project contribute to strategic objectives of PBS/UoP?<br/>The project contributes to the development of staff capabilities in new area of research and the reinforcement of PBS expertise in the area of ecosystem valuation. <br/>The Gabon project will contribute to the recognition of PSB as a leading centre for the Ecosystem valuation. It will also contribute to help PBS to develop its presence in the Central African region.<br/>Other benefits<br/>The project fits with the current NERC programme on valuation. The PI is currently involved in the writing of a key paper on valuation with other UK based economists. So, from the funding perspective, the Gabon project is important in the way that it develops our project portfolio and allow us to apply to large bid tenders from UK research funding bodies (NERC, DEFRA, ERSC, etc.). <br/>
Effective start/end date1/11/1631/10/18
Award date5/04/17

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