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Aerial Warfare

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Interviews with military legal expert Frank Ledwidge, whose book 'Aerial Warfare' (UP 2018) is shortlisted for 2021 Book of the Year by Military History Matters.

Period27 Nov 2020 → 7 Dec 2020


TitleLosing Small Wars
Degree of recognitionInternational
Media name/outletVeterans state of mind podcasts
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionPodcast with Frank Ledwidge, a barrister and former military intelligence officer who has served in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the author of Losing Small Wars (Yale 2011) and Investment in Blood (Yale 2013)
PersonsFrank Ledwidge
TitleFrank Ledwidge on Losing the War in Afghanistan
Degree of recognitionInternational
Media name/
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited States
DescriptionFrank Ledwidge, a British former intelligence officer, discusses the futility of the war in Afghanistan (and the rest of the terror wars), which many of the world’s countries have now been mired in for nearly two decades
PersonsFrank Ledwidge

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