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Former city trader Alex Stenfors, has written a book about the banking culture that led him to become a rogue trader.

Period7 May 2017 → 4 Aug 2017


Title'Mentally I was exhausted:' A rogue trader tells us what it feels like to secretly lose £360 million
Media name / outletYahoo News
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionInterview with Alexis Stenfors about his tell-all book about being a rogue trader and his attempts to tell his side of the story.
Producer / AuthorThomas Colson
PersonsAlexis Stenfors
TitleMoney makers: Sounding more British
Media name / outletMoney Week
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited Kingdom
Producer / AuthorAlex Rankine
PersonsAlexis Stenfors
TitleWhat’s it like to lose £350m? A rogue trader confesses
Media name / outletThe Observer
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited Kingdom
Producer / AuthorAndrew Anthony
PersonsAlexis Stenfors

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