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British drone operators at risk of ‘moral’ injuries

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Coverage featuring research by Peter Lee on the moral pyschological implications associated with drone operators. Peter was given unprecedented access to two RAF Reaper squadrons focused on targets in Afghanistan

Period10 Mar 2020


TitletalkRADIO coverage
Degree of recognitionNational
Media name/outlettalkRADIO
Media typeRadio
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionRadio coverage on British military drone operators which includes mention of Peter Lee and his work on drone operations and warfare
PersonsPeter Lee
TitleUK military drone operators face long-term moral and psychological injuries
Media name/outletPressTV
Media typeWeb
CountryIran, Islamic Republic of
DescriptionPeter Lee's research is mentioned in this article discussing how years of conducting lethal drone operations from long distances is beginning to take its toll on the UK’s drone operators, who tend to be young men in their early 20s
PersonsPeter Lee

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