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Communicating with dogs

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Coverage of Dr Kaminski's reseach of how we can communicate with dogs and their understanding of us

Period12 Jan 2017 → 11 May 2017


TitleHow Smart Is a Dog Really? The Secrets of a Canine Mind
Media name/outletTime Magazine
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionReport on what science tells us about what dogs think and how much they understand includes quotes from Juliane Kaminski.
Producer/AuthorJeffrey Kluger
PersonsJuliane Kaminski
TitleHow to talk to your dog: Researchers say using your hands and a high-pitched voice is key
Media name/outletMail Online
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionDogs can understand human communication in ways no other species can. Using hand gestures and different pitches when speaking have proven effective
Producer/AuthorJuliane Kaminski
PersonsJuliane Kaminski

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