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Online privacy

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Coverage on Dr Cox's talking about internet privacy and pirates 

Period17 Jan 2017 → 18 Jan 2017


TitleInternet firms take aim at pirates
Media name/outletEvening Express
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionStarting this month, four UK internet service providers (ISPs) will start sending emails to customers they suspect are guilty of online piracy. Dr Cox comments in the article
Producer/AuthorKatie Wright
PersonsJoe Cox
TitleWarning letters to be sent to internet users who stream films or TV illegally
Media name/outletGazette Live
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionVirgin, Sky and other internet providers will send the letters, backed by the Government's attempt to crack down on piracy
Producer/AuthorMike Brown
PersonsJoe Cox

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