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The use of Virtual Reality for healthcare

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  • Wendy Powell


The University of Portsmouth's Wendy Powell discussing virtual reality and healthcare

Period12 Nov 2015 → 8 Mar 2017


TitleMWC 2017: How virtual reality could be the next big thing for healthcare
Media name/outletComputer
Media typeWeb
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionThe IEEE’s Wendy Powell reveals how virtual reality could transform healthcare
Producer/AuthorAlex Scroxton
PersonsWendy Powell
TitlePodcast discussing the use of VR for healthcare
Media name/outletGames Industry News
Media typeWeb
Description45 minute interview for "Argue the Toss" discussing the use of VR for health and well-being
PersonsWendy Powell
TitleInterview with TBS eFM 101.3 regarding virtual reality and healthcare
Media name/outletTBS Korea
Media typeRadio
CountryKorea, Democratic People's Republic of
PersonsWendy Powell

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