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  1. File Sharing Data

    Dr Joe Cox (Data Manager), Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, 22 May 2015


  2. Dataset: In situ absorption and attenuation coefficients measured in the Barents Sea during January 2018, as part of cruise HH180101

    McKee, D. (Creator), Dr Ina Kostakis (Creator) & Röttgers, R. (Data Collector), British Oceanographic Data Centre, 22 Jan 2020


  3. Dataset: 'Working Equid Welfare Mexico Data'

    Emily Charlotte Haddy (Creator), Burden, F. (Contributor), Prado-Ortiz, O. (Contributor), Zappi, H. (Contributor), Raw, Z. (Contributor) & Dr Leanne Proops (Contributor), University of Portsmouth, 2019


  4. Dataset: 'Perceived authenticity of online-only brands (OOBs)'

    Dr Jason Sit (Creator), Pino, G. (Creator) & Pichierri, M. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 8 Apr 2021


  5. Dataset for Rumble and Gange 2017_Plant data

    Dr Heather Rumble (Creator) & Gange, A. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 2 Nov 2018


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