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  1. Dataset and supplementary information for 'Phosphorylation of histone H4T80 triggers DNA damage checkpoint recovery'.

    Millán-Zambrano, G. (Creator), Santos-Rosa, H. (Creator), Puddu, F. (Creator), Dr Samuel Robson (Creator), Jackson, S. P. (Creator) & Kouzarides, T. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 15 Nov 2018


  2. Dataset for 'Climatic evolution in the Australian region over the last 94 ka - spanning human occupancy -, and unveiling the Last Glacial Maximum'.

    De Deckker, P. (Creator), Moros, M. (Creator), Perner, K. (Creator), Blanz, T. (Creator), Wacker, L. (Creator), Schneider, R. (Creator), Dr Tim Barrows (Creator), O’loingsigh, T. (Creator) & Jansen, E. (Creator), PANGAEA, Feb 2021