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  1. Data availability statement for 'Primordial gravitational wave phenomenology with polarized Sunyaev Zel'dovich tomography'.

    Deutsch, A. (Creator), Dimastrogiovanni, E. (Creator), Fasiello, M. (Creator), Johnson, M. (Creator) & Munchmeyer, M. (Creator), American Physical Society, 24 Oct 2019


  2. Data availability statement for 'A detection of CMB-cluster lensing using polarization data from SPTpol'.

    Avila Perez, S. (Creator) & Dr David Bacon (Creator), American Physical Society, 31 Oct 2019


  3. Data availability statement for 'Emulators for the non-linear matter power spectrum beyond ΛCDM'.

    Winther, H. (Creator), Casas, S. (Creator), Baldi, M. (Creator), Professor Kazuya Koyama (Creator), Li, B. (Creator), Lombriser, L. (Creator) & Zhao, G. (Creator), American Physical Society, 5 Dec 2019


  4. Data availability statement for 'Both starvation and outflows drive galaxy quenching'.

    Trussler, J. (Creator), Maiolino, R. (Creator), Professor Claudia Maraston (Creator), Peng, Y. (Creator), Professor Daniel Thomas (Creator), Goddard, D. (Creator) & Lian, J. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 23 Nov 2019


  5. Data availability statement for 'Marked correlation functions in perturbation theory'.

    Aviles, A. (Creator), Professor Kazuya Koyama (Creator), Cervantes-Cota, J. L. (Creator), Winther, H. (Creator) & Li, B. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 10 Dec 2019


  6. Data availability statement for 'Stellar population properties of individual massive early-type galaxies at 1.4 < z < 2'.

    Lonoce, I. (Creator), Professor Claudia Maraston (Creator), Professor Daniel Thomas (Creator), Longhetti, M. (Creator), Parikh, T. (Creator), Guarnieri, P. (Creator) & Comparat, J. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 28 Nov 2019


  7. Data availability statement for 'Constraints on the growth rate using the observed galaxy power spectrum'.

    Fonseca, J. (Creator), Viljoen, J. (Creator) & Professor Roy Maartens (Creator), IOP Publishing, 21 Nov 2019


  8. Data availability statement for 'Distinguishing the nature of comparable-mass neutron star binary systems with multimessenger observations: GW170817 case study'.

    Hinderer, T. (Creator), Nissanke, S. (Creator), Foucart, F. (Creator), Hotokezaka, K. (Creator), Vincent, T. (Creator), Kasliwal, M. (Creator), Schmidt, P. (Creator), Dr Andrew Robert Williamson (Creator), Nichols, D. A. (Creator), Duez, M. D. (Creator), Kidder, L. E. (Creator), Pfeiffer, H. P. (Creator) & Scheel, M. A. (Creator), American Physical Society, 30 Sep 2019


  9. Data availability statement for 'Quasi-isotropic cycles and non-singular bounces in a Mixmaster cosmology'.

    Ganguly, C. (Creator) & Dr Marco Bruni (Creator), American Physical Society, 12 Nov 2019


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