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  1. Supplementary data for '3D printed spherical mini-tablets: geometry versus composition effects in controlling dissolution from personalised solid dosage forms'.

    Ayyoubi, S. (Creator), Cerda, J. R. (Creator), Fernandez-Garcia, R. (Creator), Knief, P. (Creator), Dr Katerina Lalatsa (Creator), Healy, A. M. (Creator) & Serrano Lopez, D. R. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 15 Feb 2021


  2. Data availability statement for 'Lensed or not lensed: determining lensing magnifications for binary neutron star mergers from a single detection'.

    Pang, P. T. H. (Creator), Hannuksela, O. A. (Creator), Dietrich, T. (Creator), Pagano, G. (Creator) & Dr Ian Harry (Creator), Oxford University Press, 1 Jul 2021


  3. Data availability statement for 'Early modified gravity in light of the H0 tension and LSS data'.

    Braglia, M. (Creator), Ballardini, M. (Creator), Finelli, F. (Creator) & Professor Kazuya Koyama (Creator), American Physical Society, 15 Jan 2021


  4. Dataset for 'Climatic evolution in the Australian region over the last 94 ka - spanning human occupancy -, and unveiling the Last Glacial Maximum'.

    De Deckker, P. (Creator), Moros, M. (Creator), Perner, K. (Creator), Blanz, T. (Creator), Wacker, L. (Creator), Schneider, R. (Creator), Dr Tim Barrows (Creator), O’loingsigh, T. (Creator) & Jansen, E. (Creator), PANGAEA, Feb 2021


  5. Dataset for 'Shock-absorbing flooring for older adults and staff in hospitals and care homes: a mixed methods systematic review (The SAFEST Review)'.

    Dr Amy Drahota (Creator), Felix, L. (Creator), Raftery, J. (Creator), Keenan, B. (Creator), Lachance, C. (Creator), Mackey, D. C. (Creator), Markham, C. (Creator), Laing, A. (Creator), Mrs Kirsten Farrell-Savage (Creator) & Okunribido, O. (Creator), Open Science Framework, Feb 2021


  6. Dataset for 'Recovered memories of child abuse outside of therapy'.

    Dodier, O. (Creator) & Dr Lawrence Patihis (Creator), Open Science Framework, 8 Feb 2021


  7. Dataset for 'Lying for others: The impact of agency on misreporting'

    Dr Wolfgang Luhan (Creator), Georgia Elizabeth Buckle (Creator) & Füllbrunn, S. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 10 Dec 2020


  8. Data availability statement for 'Small-scale tests of inflation'.

    Laura Iacconi (Creator), Fasiello, M. (Creator), Dr Hooshyar Assadullahi (Creator) & Professor David Wands (Creator), IOP Publishing, 3 Dec 2020


  9. Data availability statement for 'The PAU survey: background light estimation with deep learning techniques'.

    Cabayol-Garcia, L. (Creator), Eriksen, M. (Creator), Alarcon, A. (Creator), Professor Adam Amara (Creator), Carretero, J. (Creator), Casas, R. (Creator), Castander, F. J. (Creator), Fernández, E. (Creator), García-Bellido, J. (Creator), Gaztanaga, E. (Creator), Hoekstra, H. (Creator), Miquel, R. (Creator), Neissner, C. (Creator), Padilla, C. (Creator), Sánchez, E. (Creator), Serrano, S. (Creator), Sevilla-Noarbe, I. (Creator), Siudek, M. (Creator), Tallada, P. (Creator) & Tortorelli, L. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 23 Nov 2019


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