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  1. Supporting information for 'Thermal damage and pore pressure effects on brittle-ductile transition of comiso limestone'.

    Castagna, A. (Creator), Ougier-Simonin, A. (Creator), Dr Philip Benson (Creator), Browning, J. (Creator), Walker, R. J. (Creator), Fazio, M. (Creator), Vinciguerra, S. C. (Creator), Wiley, 26 Dec 2018


  2. Data availability statement for 'Inhibition of the acetyltransferase NAT10 normalizes progeric and aging cells by rebalancing the Transportin-1 nuclear import pathway'.

    Larrieu, D. (Creator), Viré, E. (Creator), Dr Samuel Robson (Creator), Breusegem, S. Y. (Creator), Kouzarides, T. (Creator), Jackson, S. P. (Creator), American Association for the Advancement of Science, 3 Jul 2018


  3. Data availability for statement for 'Bifurcations of self-similar solutions for reversing interfaces in the slow diffusion equation with strong absorption'.

    Dr Jamie Foster (Creator), Gysbers, P. (Creator), King, J. R. (Creator), Pelinovsky, D. E. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 12 Jul 2018


  4. Data availability statement for 'The influence of iodate ion additions to the bath on the deposition of electroless nickel on mild steel'.

    Court, S. (Creator), Kerr, C. (Creator), Ponce de Leon, C. (Creator), Barker, D. (Creator), Dr James Smith (Creator), Walsh, F. C. (Creator), Taylor & Francis, 20 Jul 2018


  5. Data availability statement for 'Acceptability and experience of a functional training programme (ReTrain) in community-dwelling stroke survivors in South West England: a qualitative study'.

    Norris, M. (Creator), Poltawski, L. (Creator), Calitri, R. (Creator), Dr Ant Shepherd (Creator), Dean, S. G. (Creator), BMJ Publishing Group, 25 Jul 2018


  6. Data availability statement for 'Signatures of the Galactic bar on stellar kinematics unveiled by APOGEE'.

    Palicio, P. A. (Creator), Martinez-Valpuesta, I. (Creator), Prieto, C. A. (Creator), Dalla Vecchia, C. (Creator), Zamora, O. (Creator), Zasowski, G. (Creator), Fernandez-Trincado, J. G. (Creator), Masters, K. (Creator), García-Hernández, D. A. (Creator), Roman Lopes, A. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 4 May 2018


  7. Supplemental information for 'Towards sustainable environmental quality: priority research questions for Europe'.

    Van den Brink, P. J. (Creator), Boxall, A. B. A. (Creator), Maltby, L. (Creator), Brooks, B. W. (Creator), Rudd, M. A. (Creator), Backhaus, T. (Creator), Spurgeon, D. (Creator), Verougstraete, V. (Creator), Ajao, C. (Creator), Ankley, G. T. (Creator), Apitz, S. E. (Creator), Arnold, K. (Creator), Brodin, T. (Creator), Canedo-Arguelles, M. (Creator), Chapman, J. (Creator), Corrales, J. (Creator), Coutellec, M. (Creator), Fernandes, T. F. (Creator), Fick, J. (Creator), Professor Alex Ford (Creator), Papiol, G. G. (Creator), Groh, K. J. (Creator), Hutchinson, T. H. (Creator), Kruger, H. (Creator), Kukkonen, J. V. K. (Creator), Loutset, S. (Creator), Marshall, S. (Creator), Muir, D. (Creator), Ortiz-Santaliestra, M. E. (Creator), Paul, K. B. (Creator), Rico, A. (Creator), Rodea-Palomares, I. (Creator), Rombke, J. (Creator), Rydberg, T. (Creator), Segner, H. (Creator), Smit, M. (Creator), van Gestel, C. A. M. (Creator), Vighi, M. (Creator), Werner, I. (Creator), Zimmer, E. I. (Creator), van Wensem, J. (Creator), Wiley, 19 Jul 2018


  8. Data availability statement for 'Multi-task learning for intelligent data processing in granular computing context'.

    Liu, H. (Creator), Dr Ella Haig (Creator), Ding, W. (Creator), Springer Nature, 30 Nov 2017


  9. Data availability statement for 'Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: redshift distributions of the weak-lensing source galaxies'.

    Macaulay, E. R. M. (Creator), Professor Bob Nichol (Creator), Dr Ashley Jacob Ross (Creator), Capozzi, D. (Creator), Professor Daniel Thomas (Creator), Oxford University Press, 21 Jul 2018


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