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  1. Data availability statement for 'Automated lensing learner - I: an automated strong lensing identification pipeline'.

    Avestruz, C. (Creator), Li, N. (Creator), Lightman, M. (Creator), Mr Thomas Collett (Creator), Luo, W. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 24 May 2019


  2. Data availability statement for 'Improving the sensitivity of Advanced LIGO using noise subtraction'.

    Davis, D. (Creator), Massinger, T. J. (Creator), Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator), Driggers, J. C. (Creator), Urban, A. L. (Creator), Dr Laura Nuttall (Creator), IOP Publishing, 13 Feb 2019


  3. Data availability statement for 'Saliency detection based on directional patches extraction and principal local color contrast'.

    Jian, M. (Creator), Zhang, W. (Creator), Professor Hui Yu (Creator), Cui, C. (Creator), Nie, X. (Creator), Zhang, H. (Creator), Yin, Y. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 10 Oct 2018


  4. Data availability statement for 'Beyond BAO: improving cosmological constraints from BOSS with measurement of the void-galaxy cross-correlation'.

    Dr Seshadri Nadathur (Creator), Carter, P. M. (Creator), Percival, W. (Creator), Winther, H. A. (Creator), Dr Julian Ernesto Bautista (Creator), American Physical Society, 17 Jun 2019


  5. Data availability statement for 'Calibration and application of the Chemcatcher® passive sampler for monitoring acidic herbicides in the River Exe, UK catchment'.

    Townsend, I. (Creator), Jones, L. (Creator), Broom, M. (Creator), Gravell, A. (Creator), Schumacher, M. (Creator), Professor Gary Fones (Creator), Professor Richard Greenwood (Creator), Professor Graham Mills (Creator), Springer Nature, 25 Jun 2018


  6. Supplementary data for 'Interaction of Sox2 with RNA binding proteins in mouse embryonic stem cells'.

    Samudyata (Creator), Amaral, P. P. (Creator), Engström, P. G. (Creator), Dr Samuel Robson (Creator), Nielsen, M. L. (Creator), Kouzarides, T. (Creator), Castelo-Branco, G. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 9 May 2019


  7. Data availability statement for 'Investigating the degeneracy between modified gravity and massive neutrinos with redshift-space distortions'.

    Wright, B. S. (Creator), Professor Kazuya Koyama (Creator), Winther, H. A. (Creator), Zhao, G. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 4 Jun 2019


  8. Data availability statement and supporting material for 'Effect of machining parameters and cutting tool coating on hole quality in dry drilling of fibre metal laminates'.

    Dr Khaled Giasin (Creator), Gorey, G. (Creator), Byrne, C. (Creator), Sinke, J. (Creator), Brousseau, E. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 15 Mar 2019


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