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  1. Dataset for 'Credit risk and the business cycle: what do we know?'.

    Chortareas, G. (Creator), Dr Georgios Magkonis (Creator) & Zekente, K. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 10 Feb 2020


  2. Dataset for 'Customers’ willingness to disclose personal information throughout the customer purchase journey in retailing: the role of perceived warmth'.

    Aiello, G. (Creator), Donvito, R. (Creator), Dr Diletta Acuti (Creator), Grazzini , L. (Creator), Mazzoli, V. (Creator), Vannucci, V. (Creator) & Professor Giampaolo Viglia (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 19 Aug 2020


  3. Dataset for 'Effect of damping on performance of magnetostrictive vibration energy harvester'.

    Dr Mojtaba Ghodsi (Creator), Ziaifar, H. (Creator), Morteza Mohammadzaheri, M. (Creator) & Soltani, P. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 9 Jul 2020


  4. Dataset for 'Money or morality: fairness ideals in unstructured bargaining'.

    Dr Wolfgang Luhan (Creator), Roos, M. W. M. (Creator) & Poulsen, O. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 2020


  5. Dataset for 'On the Role of Emotions in Experimental Litigation Contests'.

    Eisenkopf, G. (Creator), Friehe, T. (Creator) & Wohlschlegel, A. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 14 Jan 2019