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  1. Data availability statement for 'Calibration and application of the Chemcatcher® passive sampler for monitoring acidic herbicides in the River Exe, UK catchment'.

    Townsend, I. (Creator), Jones, L. (Creator), Broom, M. (Creator), Gravell, A. (Creator), Schumacher, M. (Creator), Professor Gary Fones (Creator), Professor Richard Greenwood (Creator), Professor Graham Mills (Creator), Springer Nature, 25 Jun 2018


  2. Data availability statement for 'Characterization and engineering of a plastic-degrading aromatic polyesterase.'

    Austin, H. P. (Creator), Allen, M. D. (Creator), Donohoe, B. S. (Creator), Rorrer, N. A. (Creator), Kearns, F. L. (Creator), Silveira, R. L. (Creator), Pollard, B. C. (Creator), Dominick, G. (Creator), Duman, R. (Creator), Omari, K. E. (Creator), Mykhaylyk, V. (Creator), Wagner, A. (Creator), Michener, W. E. (Creator), Amore, A. (Creator), Skaf, M. S. (Creator), Crowley, M. F. (Creator), Dr Alan Thorne (Creator), Johnson, C. W. (Creator), Woodcock, H. L. (Creator), Professor John McGeehan (Creator), Beckham, G. T. (Creator), Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 17 Apr 2018


  3. Data availability statement for 'Classifying the unknown: discovering novel gravitational-wave detector glitches using similarity learning'.

    Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator), Coughlin, S. B. (Creator), Bahaadini, S. (Creator), Rohani, N. (Creator), Zevin, M. (Creator), Patane, O. (Creator), Harandi, M. (Creator), Jackson, C. (Creator), Noroozi, Z. (Creator), Allen, S. E. (Creator), Areeda, J. S. (Creator), Coughlin, M. (Creator), Ruiz, P. (Creator), Berry, C. P. L. (Creator), Crowston, K. (Creator), Katsaggelos, A. K. (Creator), Osterlund, C. (Creator), Smith, J. R. (Creator), Trouille, L. (Creator), Kalogera, V. (Creator), American Physical Society, 16 Apr 2019


  4. Data availability statement for 'Clinical evaluation of the refined clothespin relocation test: a pilot study'.

    Hussaini, A. (Creator), Hill, W. (Creator), Professor Peter Kyberd (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 2 Jul 2019


  5. Data availability statement for 'Comparison of stellar population model predictions using optical and infrared spectroscopy'.

    Baldwin, C. (Creator), McDermid, R. M. (Creator), Kuntschner, H. (Creator), Professor Claudia Maraston (Creator), Conroy, C. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 1 Feb 2018


  6. Data availability statement for 'Constraining primordial non-Gaussianity using two galaxy surveys and CMB lensing'.

    Ballardini, M. (Creator), Matthewson, W. L. (Creator), Professor Roy Maartens (Creator), Oxford University Press, 16 Aug 2019


  7. Data availability statement for 'Constraints on the interacting vacuum - geodesic CDM scenario'.

    Martinelli, M. (Creator), Natalie Hogg (Creator), Peirone, S. (Creator), Dr Marco Bruni (Creator), Professor David Wands (Creator), Oxford University Press, 15 Jul 2019


  8. Data availability statement for 'Convolutional neural networks: a magic bullet for gravitational-wave detection?'.

    Gebhard, T. D. (Creator), Kilbertus, N. (Creator), Dr Ian Harry (Creator), Schölkopf, B. (Creator), American Physical Society, 6 Sep 2019


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